Van Eaton Ready Mix Evening

Mission and Vision


To provide the most personal service in the industry, the best in quality concrete products and to leave a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility.


Customer Service – The customer comes first at Van Eaton, and we are proud of our strong reputation for providing the most personal service in the industry. Being family owned and operated means we treat each customer as we would want to be treated, like family. We work closely with contractors and project managers to make sure each job is done right the first time, every time. No detail is too small and no project too large to receive our team’s personal attention and customer care. We are happy when the customer is happy.

Integrity – When a client entrusts Van Eaton with a project, they put their future security, safety, and project value in our hands, whether it is the foundation for a family’s home, the road that will transport millions of commuters or concrete that will support an industrial plant, office building, or hospital. That trust is a responsibility we take very seriously. Customers know they can rely on Van Eaton’s honesty and integrity to provide a strong product that will withstand the test of time. From the initial project bid to the pour and final finishes, we tell it like it is, honor our commitments, and stand behind our work.

Sustainability  – We are temporary caretakers of the resources and land around us and strive to use environmentally responsible and sustainable practices that will allow future generations to enjoy these gifts for years to come. All of our plants recycle the waste water created from making concrete products, which not only reduces waste and overall water consumption, but also protects the land. In 2011, we began the conversion process from using diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to fuel our fleet of mixer trucks which is both environmentally friendly and cost effective, resulting in reduced emissions and quieter running engines. Van Eaton Ready Mix was the first concrete company in Oklahoma to use CNG fueled mixer trucks.

Faith – Our faith is the strong bedrock that anchors each one of our company values and drives our family business, our products, and our relationships with our employees, customers and greater community. We believe we honor God best when we work hard, treat our employees fairly and generously, and make good use of the abilities and resources He has given us to provide high quality products, personal service to our customers and protect the lasting footprint we leave behind.