As we enter the second month of the 2020 year, Van Eaton Ready Mix will focus on “The Safety Basics” this training is a review of those very basic steps we all can take to prevent injuries and accidents.

Our “Safety Basics” training modules will focus on topics such as:

·         Hazard Exposure and Awareness.

·         Identifying when to STOP WORK for unsafe conditions or behavior.

·         360 Safety Awareness.


Our weekly safety topics this month are:

Diesel exhaust and fumes – How to control and eliminate unseen exhaust hazards.

Defensive Driving – Driving safely, defensively and watching for the unexpected.

Electrical Safety – Working safely around electrical equipment and reviewing LOTO procedures.

Eye Protection – Proper eyewear and prevention methods to eliminate eye injuries.

Does your site need a safety evaluation before allowing commercial vehicle entry? We offer our customers and potential customers a thorough pre-project site safety evaluation focused on commercial vehicle access. Contact our Safety Manager for details or to schedule an appointment. 

Email: [email protected]    Phone: 405-214-7450 option 2